Meet the Crew

The Skipper: Captain Chris Anzelone

Captain Chris Anzelone was born and raised in Freeport, New York and has spent his entire life on the water. His father, Captain Paul Anzelone, was a commercial fisherman. From a young age, Capt. Chris fished the bays and oceans off Long Island, working fishing charters with his father and brothers from the age of 10. Fishing in the Anzelone family was simply a way of life, allowing them to spend quality time together and make a living. After graduating from Towson University on a lacrosse scholarship, Chris spent the next 15 years on Wall Street as an equity trader. However, his heart was still with fishing and his love of the water. In 2009 Chris got his U.S. Coast Guard Six-Pack Charter Boat License and pursued his childhood dream of becoming a captain. In honor of his late father, he established Legacy Charters NYC. Now he spends his time doing what he loves best. Chris is the loving father of two children: Mike and Olivia Anzelone.

The First Mate: Keith Anzelone

Keith Anzelone is Capt. Chris’s older brother and first mate. He grew up fishing with his father and brothers near Long Island and is now continuing the family tradition with his three boys. In fact, he and his family have devoted their weekends to fishing the bays in the Montauk area. Keith is also a lineman for the town of Freeport and is happily married to his high school sweetheart. Upon retirement he plans to move to the Florida Keys where he can spend his days doing what he’s passionate about — fishing!

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